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Quotes I had my first massage with Danni today. I am having difficulty in finding words to describe the experience, but here goes. The massage was absolutely wonderful, I felt like an entirely different person leaving her beautiful home. Others have said that Danni has magic hands. Well, I have to agree. However it is rather an understatement. Her knowledge of the body and how to treat it is second to none. A lovely lovely lady, warm, friendly, caring and considerate, GORGEOUS!! I am now very much looking forward to my next visit in 4 weeks and then thereafter. I am sure my massages will get better each and every time. Thank you Danni, thank you very much. Quotes
Tony Edwards
One Extremely Satisfied Guy

Quotes This afternoon, I received my first massage from Danni. After applying the oil, she began to work on my back using her elbows, to get deep into the muscle fibres. It was then I knew that I was in for a great massage. This was not some "airy fairy" masquerade of a massage, this was the real deal! A variety of strokes, pressures and technique were used to great effect. At the end, I was so relaxed and devoid of any tension that I could have slept soundly. If I had to summarise the delightful massage I received, I would describe it as a "goldilocks" massage (just perfect!). Note: the above (briefly) describes the massage and its positive impact on me. It may not be the massage that any other client would get because I am sure that Danni tailors each massage to each individual's needs. I am confident that like me, you will be a very satisfied client! Quotes
oh Wow!

Quotes Had my first massage with Danni today, awesome!!! Can't thank you enough Danni, your relaxed style puts anyone at ease, I loved it and will definitely be going back for more :-) Quotes

Quotes I have had many massages with Danni over the last couple of years but the one that I had yesterday was the best.How do you do it Danni? You seem to know exactly where to apply pressure and where to be gentle to acceive the maximum relaxation and pleasure.Thank you. Have a safe trip to China and hurry back to all of your clients who will be missing you. Quotes
Oh so satisfied

Quotes First visit to Danni last week. I can now see why she has so many ardent fans. Thank you so much and see you later in the week. Quotes

Quotes Thanks Danni, feel like I have been beaten up (in a nice way) :) Loved our time together and feel 2 inches taller today. I cant wait for the next time although I am not sure I will be ready for more than a medium :) Quotes
Tuned me like a violin

Quotes i have had many a massage here and around the world but Danni is exceptional. Her personality and professionalism are exquisite and the setting is delightful. A bit rushed as i made the mistake of a 60 min appointment, nowhere near enough. Her positive vibes start to de-stress you straight away. A wonderful lady. I am now feeling quite chilled on my settee and almost flexible. Thank you, Quotes

Quotes Had my first massage with Danni recently. Beautiful lady who made me feel very special and spent time explaining the massage and my asking my requirements. Expert hands found lots of knots in my shoulders and sore muscles in my legs. Exquisite pain! Shame I will have to wait until March for my next visit but that's life! Thanks Danni x Quotes

Quotes How does she do it ? I have had several massages with Danni and they just get better and better Quotes
oh so relaxed

Quotes This lady is a perfectionist, and it shows in every aspect of her massage therapy. Perfect. Quotes
Left smiling
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